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Navigating the 2024 California SIJS Work Permit Process

Navigating the 2024 SIJS Work Permit and Process in California

Explore the complexities of California’s 2024 SIJS work permit process in our latest Viva Visa podcast episode. With expert insights from Kousha Adhami of the Adhami Law Group, this guide clarifies USCIS guidelines and offers practical strategies for applicants. Discover essential tactics for securing work permits and understanding legal procedures, empowering your journey through the immigration landscape.

Key Changes in the 2024 California SIJS Work Permit Process:

Understand the transformative changes and enhancements in the 2024 California SIJS work permit process, including expedited options and new USCIS regulations that empower young immigrants seeking legal employment in the U.S.

Acquisition Strategies for SIJS Work Permits:

Explore strategic approaches to successfully acquiring SIJS work permits. Learn from case studies and expert advice on maneuvering through the updated procedures to achieve favorable outcomes.

Legal Insights on USCIS Procedures for SIJS Applicants:

Gain profound insights from Kousha Adhami as he explains the critical aspects of USCIS procedures specific to SIJS applications. Discover the nuances of domestic and international travel permissions and the intersection of SIJS with other immigration avenues like asylum.

Enhancing Your Application’s Success Rate:

Kousha Adhami offers detailed guidance on enhancing the success rate of your SIJS application, including tips on avoiding common pitfalls and leveraging legal expertise to navigate the USCIS maze more effectively.


This episode is not just an informative session; it’s a toolkit for anyone involved or interested in the SIJS work permit process in California for 2024. Subscribe to the Viva Visa podcast for ongoing, detailed analyses and updates on SIJS and other vital immigration topics. Equip yourself with the knowledge to approach your SIJS application with confidence.

Engage with Adhami Law Group:

For personalized, comprehensive legal support, reach out to Adhami Law Group. We’re dedicated to assisting in multiple languages to ensure you receive the guidance you need. Tune into this episode for an in-depth guide on navigating California’s 2024 SIJS work permit process.

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