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Behind Closed Doors: Unveiling Confidentiality in Juvenile Justice

How Does Confidentiality Safeguard Minors in SIJS Cases?

In an illuminating episode of the VivaVisa podcast by Adhami Law Group, Attorney Kousha Adhami dives deep into the heart of confidentiality in Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) cases, shedding light on the critical importance of protecting vulnerable minors through layers of privacy and care. This episode, “Navigating Confidentiality in SIJS Cases with Compassion and Care,” not only pulls back the curtain on the legal intricacies faced by attorneys but also emphasizes the profound impact of compassionate legal advocacy. Our focus keyphrase for this summary is protecting minors in SIJS cases.

Why is confidentiality paramount in protecting minors in SIJS cases?

This question leads us to explore the Adhami Law Group’s multifaceted approach to shielding its young clients. Attorney Kousha Adhami emphasizes confidentiality as crucial for trust and safety in handling minors’ sensitive SIJS cases.

Four Essential Questions:

  1. How does the Adhami Law Group ensure the confidentiality of minors in SIJS cases?
    Attorney Kousha explains the dual layers of confidentiality involved, emphasizing the attorney-client privilege and additional protections specific to juvenile cases. He highlights how USCIS and state courts implement thorough measures to handle these cases with utmost discretion.
  2. What role do legal professionals play in managing sensitive information in abuse cases?
    The discussion reveals the meticulous training and strategies Adhami Law Group’s staff undergo to handle sensitive information without re-traumatizing the client. The firm’s approach underscores the importance of breaking the legal process into manageable segments, ensuring the client’s comfort and trust.
  3. How does Adhami Law Group advocate for minors while ensuring their safety and privacy?
    By fostering an environment of safety and security, the Adhami Law Group empowers clients to share their stories fully, enabling the attorneys to present compelling cases on their behalf. Moreover, Kousha’s narrative effectively conveys how the firm meticulously preserves client confidentiality while vigorously advocating for their rights.
  4. What measures are taken during court hearings to maintain the confidentiality of sensitive SIJS cases?
    The podcast discusses the critical practice of requesting confidential hearings and limiting courtroom attendance to essential personnel only. This practice protects the minor’s narrative from public exposure and maintains the young client’s dignity and privacy.

Critical Takeaways:

  • Confidentiality is the bedrock of trust in attorney-client relationships, especially for minors in SIJS cases.
  • The Adhami Law Group’s commitment to protecting minors extends beyond legal obligations. It embodies a holistic approach that encompasses emotional and psychological well-being.
  • Through careful preparation and sensitive handling, the firm ensures that minors are shielded from further trauma during the legal process.
  • Strategic measures, such as confidential hearings, protect minors’ stories and dignity in court.
  • Moreover, the Adhami Law Group’s expertise in immigration law, especially in SIJS cases, positions it as a beacon of hope for vulnerable minors seeking a safe future.


The seventh episode of the VivaVisa podcast by Adhami Law Group dives into confidentiality and care in SIJS cases. It showcases the firm’s dedication to privacy and compassion, with Attorney Kousha Adhami explaining how they protect minors through legal safeguards and emotional intelligence.

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