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What Are SIJS Custody and Guardianship Rules?

SIJS Custody and Guardianship Challenges: A Deep Dive into Legal Solutions

In the engaging and enlightening Episode 10 of the VIVAVISA Podcast, presented by the dedicated team at Adhami Law Group, we delve into the complexities of custody and guardianship within the Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) program.

Guided by the expert Attorney Kousha Adhami, we navigate SIJS intricacies and clarify the crucial roles of U.S. custody orders and guardianship.

A Journey Through Legal Labyrinths

This episode is a legal roadmap and story of resolve, spotlighting the trials and triumphs of immigrants and guardians seeking U.S. residency. Additionally, Kousha Adhami provides extensive legal expertise and empathy to tackle crucial questions, giving hope to those facing legal challenges.

Key Legal Insights Revealed

  • Necessity of U.S. Custody Orders:
    • Attorney Adhami explains why U.S. custody orders are essential, even if a custody order exists from another country, ensuring the SIJS application’s validity under U.S. law.
  • Handling Unknown Parental Whereabouts:
    • The episode tackles the complex issue of proceeding when a parent’s location is unknown, including strategies for legally bypassing the need for parental notification in SIJS cases.
  • Impact of Parental Death on SIJS Applications:
    • This discussion covers how the death of one or both parents impacts the application, emphasizing the legal interpretation of abandonment and the child’s welfare.
  • Guardianship Requirements and Challenges:
    • Kousha Adhami discusses the qualifications needed for someone to act as a guardian in SIJS cases, including age and moral fitness, providing clarity for potential guardians.

More Than Just Legal Advice: A Story of Courage and Legal Navigation

Episode 10 transcends typical legal discussions by weaving a narrative of resilience and commitment. Kousha Adhami’s stories and insights don’t just respond to legal queries; they resonate with listeners on a profoundly personal level, inspiring and guiding those entangled in the SIJS process.

Key Takeaways:

  • U.S. custody orders are mandatory for the SIJS application, regardless of foreign custody agreements.
  • Legal avenues exist to address situations where a parent’s whereabouts are unknown.
  • The death of parents can be legally interpreted in ways that support the child’s SIJS application.
  • Guardianship in SIJS requires more than legal eligibility; it demands a demonstration of commitment to the child’s welfare.

An Invitation to Join a Supportive Community

Concluding this episode, Adhami Law Group invites you to join a community offering steadfast support and hope. This installment advises legally and urges action for those needing guidance toward residency.

Your First Step Toward a Future of Security and Opportunity

This episode spotlights those tackling SIJS custody and guardianship complexities. Attorney Kousha Adhami and his team are poised to help, transforming arduous legal journeys into narratives of success.

Don’t navigate these challenges alone.

Contact Adhami Law Group at 213-204-6500 or visit our website for comprehensive support and guidance. Embrace this opportunity to transform your legal challenges into a security, recognition, and support-filled future. Listen, learn, and take the decisive step towards realizing your dreams of safety, belonging, and opportunity with the Adhami Law Group by your side.



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