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How Can You Secure a Green Card for Your Children in Time?

Navigating the SIJS Application Process

Welcome to a crucial Episode 3 of the VivaVisa Podcast, “How to Secure a Green Card for Your Children Facing Deportation.” This episode delves deep into the SIJS application process, providing essential insights and expert guidance. Join host Amir Sed and renowned immigration attorney Kousha Adhami as they unravel the complexities of the SIJS application process. Discover how this critical pathway can protect your child from deportation and secure their future in the U.S.

Why This Episode Is a Must-Listen:

Understanding the SIJS application process is vital for any parent or guardian facing the possible deportation of their child. This episode not only explains the process in detail but also equips you with practical strategies to enhance your child’s chances for success.

In This Episode:

  • Decoding the State Court Challenge: Attorney Kousha Adhami discusses the critical role of state court proceedings in the SIJS application process. Learn why this stage is a make-or-break point for many applications and how to navigate it successfully.
  • Avoiding Common Pitfalls: Uncover the most frequent mistakes that can derail your child’s SIJS case and learn from real-life examples provided by Kousha.
  • Proven Strategies for Success: Discover the expert tactics that Kousha has used to help families secure green cards through SIJS. These insights can dramatically increase your child’s chances of a favorable outcome.
  • Q&A Session: Kousha answers pressing questions from listeners, providing tailored advice that could make a difference in your case.

Why You Need to Listen:

  • Direct Expert Insights: Gain direct access to professional advice that demystifies complex legal procedures, making them understandable and actionable.
  • Interactive and Engaging: Engage with the content through real-life scenarios and listener Q&As that make the information relatable and applicable to your situation.
  • Immediate Steps You Can Take: Learn the critical actions to take right now to advance your child’s case and protect them from potential deportation.

Act Now:

If your child is at risk of deportation, understanding and acting on the SIJS process is crucial. This episode provides the knowledge and steps you need to take control of the situation. Listen today to ensure you’re fully equipped to navigate this challenging legal landscape.

Tune in to Episode 3 of the VivaVisa Podcast for invaluable insights into securing your child’s future in the U.S. Share this episode with anyone who might find it helpful and subscribe for more expert immigration guidance.

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